So much for planning on weeding today. A big storm came in last night and will last all week. With the amount of rain we’re going to get, I think the weeds might just take over :lol

I did manage to get the zucchini shredded and frozen, and got a bunch of peaches and have started freezing them. I got some from the store and some from a local orchard and am doing half of each in fruit juice and the other half in very light sugar syrup. I thought about canning some, but just can’t get the ambition up. Freezing is incredibly easy!

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Count your blessings and enjoy the rain. :) weeds suck!

Mrs. Greenhands

I’m envious of your rainstorm! We are heading into our 3rd week of drought here in central Kentucky!

Mrs. Greenhands

I envy you the rain. We just finished our 2nd full week in Kentucky with no significant rainfall. Things are starting to really dry out!