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Months ago, I started green peppers inside. I transplanted many outside and they survived but I planted them in a bad spot and while alive, they weren’t growing. Instead of completely giving up on them, I moved them yet again to a good spot (they were right next to the crookneck and would be completely buried right now if I hadn’t :lol ), mostly to see if they could withstand another move. They are still very small plants, but I found a teeny little green pepper on one 😀 Pictures soon, it was too dusky when I was out to get a good non-flash photo.

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    James says:

    That, my friends… is called STICKTOATIVENESS. Good work. We have peppers coming out our ears now… finally. Mulched them this weekend too,so could help produce even more. Jalapenos, Banana, Bell, Anaheim, Santiago Hybrids, Hot Portugals… we might have an addiction… perhaps.

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    Nancy Bond says:

    Good for you! I just noticed this morning that there are bloom buds on the jalapenos growing on the balcony (that hubby claims as his own!) — the plants are huge, and I’ve been looking for blooms for a while now. Kudos on your peppers!

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    Kristi says:

    I find that peppers can take a fair amount of abuse. I bought one that was near death on clearance last year and around late August and September it just took off. I got so many peppers off that plant I didn’t know what to do with it.


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