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Yes, I do have a “thing” for using the Wizard of Oz themed titles :p



Roma tomatoes:

Beefsteak tomato:


Green beans:

The thyme is FINALLY growing!

And the parsley is ready to get cut again:

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7 replies
  1. Avatar
    Lucy Corrander says:

    I think this is a charming collection of photos.

    Things are still fresh at this point in the season but the beginnings of the young fruit and veg. make everything feel very promising and productive. If it weren’t for the heat and the hayfever, I’d say this point in the year is even better than spring.

    Lucy Corrander

  2. Avatar
    Nancy Bond says:

    Everything looks like it’s doing very well in the Garden of Eatin’. I’d love to have one of those tender, little zucchinis — I prefer them over cukes in a salad. 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Shala says:

    Your garden is growing beautifully! I can’t wait to have some squash and cucumber. We have some blooms but no veggies yet. Are the green beans easy to grow? I bought some seeds and never planted them!

  4. Amy
    Amy says:

    Thank you everyone!

    Shala, the green beans are as easy as peas. They didn’t recover as fast from transplanting though, but they are growing and producing well.

    OuterBanksMom, that sucks! 🙁 Zucchini and squash are one of the things I want most from our garden…hopefully your next go at them goes better.


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