Not much to say…very busy with non gardening stuff!

The garden is still doing great, I have about 6 or 7 zucchini , 2 summer squash, a bazillion tomato flowers but still no fruit (what’s up with that?), the corn is waist high, the remaining taters are huge, one pea vine is at least 7-8 feet tall, I have twice as much parsley as before I dried the last batch (that was a pain in the ass to do, will be finding a dehydrator as soon as I have the funds – this being poor shit sucks)… lots of growth…I wish the tomatoes would FRUIT so I could do something with them before we move dammit.

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Yeah, being poor basically sucks. 🙂 Where are you moving? If you say to some farmhouse with oodles of land I’m coming with! LOL!



Try giving the tomato plants a shake each time you visit them. Sometimes in hot and sticky conditions the pollen sticks together and the plants have difficulty self pollinating.
Do it at a cool time of day, say early morning for best results.
Just a thought.

Oh, and my wife has a book proposal doing the rounds of various publishers at the moment. Should any of them ever honour her with an acceptance……..

………she’ll need a Web Site and I mentioned your name.

Mrs. Greenhands

I’m right there with you in the poor category. I found an easy way to dry my herbs. I spread newspaper in the back seat of my car, layer the herbs and then cover them with more newspaper. It gets so hot in the car that the herbs dry in a few hours. Plus, it makes the car smell good!