I thought it might be a good idea to check out the taters that were getting flooded over and over. The bottom 4 plants, the ones at the end of the line so to speak that keep getting the most water, got pulled up last night and turned into dinner. The 3 russets and 1 of the red plants, completely harvested, gave enough potatoes for 5 of us to eat (my 4 year old wasn’t interested) as a main dish. The peas are going nuts and today many are being frozen and I will indeed have zucchini coming out my ears very soon, like so many new gardeners!

The next few months will be hectic, as I am going to start getting rid of mass quantities of our crap that I don’t want to pack and unpack again, plus work and the garden and everything, but I’ll shoot for a post every 3-4 days with updates and pictures.

Here’s some for today:

Everyone was interested to see what broccoli looked like flowering, so we let one plant do so.  Very pretty:

Our tater harvest:

First zucchini:

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Your harvest really looks great. The broccoli is very pretty. I think I’m going to have to add potatoes to my container garden somehow.


All looks great – good to see your taters turned out. The zucc. look awesome.


Yay potatoes! They look super yummy.

Nancy Bond

Your taters look like beauties. :) Yum! Everything looks like it’s doing very well.