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Gonna fire up the grill this evening and make some typical summer holiday food, nothing special. I make a killer potato salad, I sure wish the taters in the garden were ready! I might try to pay attention to my “recipe” and write it down to share.

I tried to kill the garden again last night, and left the sprinkler on ALL NIGHT, like 10 hours and one half of the garden plus half the taters were under water this morning. Apparently my subconsious knew I did something wrong because I had a dream about the garden that work me up at 5:30 (normally up at 8) and I layed there for a while then realized I did it again. Duh.

I have some semi bad news. My dad has almost decided to stay in the nursing home instead of coming home (short back story: I’ve been taking care of him for the past 6.5 years, he lost his foot in december and went to a rehab center/nursing home until he could walk with his prosthetic)…I guess the cute nurses and constant attention are no match for family and freedom! But that means I’m losing 75% of our income, because he pays me to take care of him. So we’ll have to move, because I cannot afford my wonderful house 🙁 So after the garden is mostly harvested, we’ll till it under, roll up our fencing, pack our bags and move on. But I don’t know where to. Close to Salem, but I don’t know where. I can’t do apartment living, I just can’t. We’ll live in a tent before an apartment. Maybe we can find a little mobile home on an acre out in the middle of nowhere and I can have my huge garden? We shall see. But Garden of Eatin will live on, because I enjoy growing food too darn much!

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    Nancy Bond says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad — both that he needs care in the first place, and also because of how this affects your income. I sure understand that. I had to leave ambulance work due to an injury and my financial situation hasn’t been the same since. However, as they say, things do happen for a reason and you just never know what lies around the next bend in the road. (And I hope you do share your potato salad recipe!!)

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    Mick says:

    Oh no!!

    Not good news at all on any of the points. I really hope you can find another place soon.

    Please keep blogging.




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