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I don’t normally break up a day’s information into multiple posts, but I wanted to try it out today. Other then Blotanical only seeing the latest 2, I like it better. If you’re reading this one, check out all the others from today!

While at Lowes getting the wood for the trellis, I picked up a rosemary plant (organic and 1/2 off the already marked down price) and a basil plant. Errr, I thought it was basil. I am sick and not wanting to be in public and the kids were good but very active, so we were rushing and I saw a good looking plant in the sweet basil spot so I grabbed it and headed off.

After I finished the trellis, I harvested the rest of the radishes and planted more, then went to plant the rosemary and basil. I pulled the basil out of it’s pot and looked at the tag. Doh! Peppermint! 😆 I love peppermint, so it’s all good, but wow, I goofed. So I planted it and the rosemary, and added another row of lettuce where the spinach refused for a second time to come up.

The garden then finally got a good Earth Juice feeding – it’s been raining for over a week, which is good, but I needed a sunny dry day for feeding them – and I called it a day. My sinuses are stuffed with cotton again and my chest and throat feel like death. But I’m satisfied by doing garden work, so it doesn’t seem so icky 🙂

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