I noticed the radishes were looking rather large so I checked their packet and they are ready in only 30 days! Nice! So I went out and plucked the 4 biggest out of the ground.

They taste…like radishes. Better then store bought but still, I’m not a big radish fan. Good smooth flavor to start with a bite afterwards.
The kind is White Icicle by NK Lawn & Garden. Another company I bought from before finding out about Monsanto. I still can’t find out much about them, so I won’t be buying anymore until I know it’s “Safe Seed”. But I’m going to plant more of the seed I have to have some more next month! :D

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I’m on my third harvest of radish this year, the best I’ve ever done. I went for Cherry Belle from Heirloom Seeds. They’ve been ready to pick in around 3 weeks, are nice and crispy with a good after taste.

In fact I’m going out in the garden to plant some Swiss Chard seeds and may throw a few radish in too.