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Most days I’m tired but it’s not a satisfying kind of tired. Today however, hoo-boy.
My to do list was fairly simple: mow the lawn and transplant the tomatoes and blueberries.

But what I got done was a bit more:

  • Mowed the backyard
  • Cultivated the area for the tomatoes & transplanted them
  • Moved the green peppers to make more room for the squash and zucchini, then moved those to give them more growing room
  • Did some weeding in the garden
  • Planted the blueberries
  • Did some serious heavy duty clearing and weeding around the unused gate. Found the bulb plants actually do produce flowers (iris or tulips or ? I’m not sure, will find out when they open up I guess!), they didn’t last year (will get pictures soon).
  • Thorough watering in the garden followed by a thorough Earth Juice feeding

I really enjoy this organic gardening. The kids can get in there are help with every part of it and I’m not worried about them getting sick. I remember when I used Round Up in one of our rentals. It was a 4 bedroom manufactured house on a 5 acre ranch…I wasn’t up on all the latest and greatest with weeding and got the chemicals. The entire house had a 1 food rock/pebble border with a few small bushes here and there and the weeds were popping up like mad. Hours after I sprayed, we were all sick. I thought dad was going to die…he got really sick. But we were so dumb we didn’t connect it until later. It’s the only time I’ve used chemicals and never will again. Aiden, my 4 year old, loves to spray the Earth Juice on the plants and I’m glad I can let him.

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2 replies
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    Amanda says:

    I’m planning on a day like that tomorrow – will be putting all my remaining tomatoes and peppers in the ground. I know I’ll be exhausted by the evening, but you’re right – it makes you feel like you’ve really achieved something!

  2. Avatar
    Daphne Gould says:

    I had my first garden when my kids were little. I never sprayed anything nasty on them (not even organic nasty). My kids would always pick and eat things right out of the garden. It was nice to know it was safe for them.


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