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As promised, here’s some pictures of the garden’s progress.

Potatoes. In front (bottom) are the 3 russets from organic store bought potatoes. The rest are reds from seed potatoes. I need to build the dirt up on each plant…with no experience I’m not exactly sure of the process, but apparently if you cover with dirt and leave just a couple inches of leaves out, the taters will grow better. Since they have clay soil to fight with after about 6 inches down, I might as well try anything that will safely give a better yield.

Strawberry patch is coming along well, almost all the plants have blooms on them.

Carrots( a very small portion of them)…will need to thin these soon.

Corn (very small potion)

The grapes

“Prizewinner Hybrid” giant pumpkin sprout

The broccoli is trying to take over!

So is the zucchini!




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