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I have to write a short review of Highway Fuel Co, here in Salem, Oregon. Our first trip when we started the garden project to get compost was unremarkable, but this time I was very happy we went with them. I wanted to get some sort of soil amendment and was thinking a soil mix (other choices were compost, cheaper, and potting mix, more expensive) and peat moss fromLowes. So I bought 4 bags (1cu ft each) of the soil mix ($10, as opposed to $20+ for the potting mix)…when I went out to get them loaded up, the man asked me if potting mix was ok…they were out of bagged soil mix and he was fine giving is the potting mix. Bags of the potting mix are 5.50 each for 1.5 cu ft, so I really got a good deal and good customer service. A link to their website can be found in my sidebar to the right.

Anyway, we got the soil and peat moss and got it all mixed up and added to the 6 spots for the watermelons and pumpkins, mounded up, watered well, and planted those, then added some peat moss to the cucumber area and planted those. Gave the whole garden a mild watering and called it a day – I’m pooped! Tomorrow the front and back need to be mowed, badly in back, and that’ll give me lots more grass compost! Yay!

Speaking of compost, one of my 32 gallon trash cans (the buried one) is full and won’t be added to, only turned, I’m starting a new one. I can just see it if/when we move, taking these holy garbage cans with us lol

So the garden is close to being “in”…the tomatoes inside are close to being ready to harden off and transplanted, and I need to plant more carrots. Then the waiting game of seeing if the zucchini, squash, pumpkins, watermelon and rosemary come in.

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