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For some reason, our recycling hasn’t been picked up for 2 weeks and it ended up being a good thing, I took out all the gallon milk jugs I could get to and washed them and cut their bottoms off. These are going over the tomatoes at night, and I got some stakes cut out of a 1″x2″ board we have and stuck in the ground to hold a tarp up over some of the other plants that need weather protection. I can’t do much about the animals yet, but I need to try to do everything I can to protect my babies from the cold! I need to take a picture of my crazy set up now lol.

I ordered lemon cucumber seeds from – I looked at burpee, territorial seed and lots of organic sources but they all charged crazy shipping. $8 ($3 for seeds and $5 for shipping) for a packet of seeds that costs at most $1 with a stamp and enveolpe to ship? No thanks. was free shipping.

Now I’m looking at Earth Juice fertilizers…lots of research…with as bad as the soil’s nutrients are, I think it’d be a good idea.

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