• Got the tilling mostly done (it needs another pass).
  • Mowed the back yard.
  • Started a “proper” compost – half buried a 32 gallon plastic trash can in the ground and filled it with some of the “compost” I’ve been making (grass clippings) and the kitchen scraps I saved up this week. The can has holes drilled in the bottom and all over the sides, both above and below ground. Hoping it works well.
  • Got the wood and twine for the peas and beans
  • Got a new shovel cause I broke ours trying to dig up this evil bush (see pictures below, I’ll point out said evil bush), also got a weeding hoe and new rake to replace the one that was broken a while ago.
  • Sold our Orchard Heaters, got what my dad and I paid for them 12 years ago, which paid for a bunch of the gardening supplies.

Dirt+boys=summer long entertainment.

I decided to leave a section unplanted to play in, otherwise these 2 will be rolling in the vegetables.

A(son 2) totally…….digs……his tractor in this dirt (pun intended, sorry)

I’m just cute. And I eat dirt.

This is the huge root we ran into while tilling…had to dig a big hole and use the chainsaw to get it cut far enough down it wouldn’t affect the garden.

The garden…or what will be. The bushes are “the evil bushes” They’re right smack dab in the middle of the yard and right in front of the gate…I’m working on digging up about 2 feet of them from the gate to allow a good walkway.

Now that it’s mowed, here’s pictures of the backyard:

That red machine is the tiller we rented…it’s so powerful, I wish we could afford to buy one that size.

In this one, I’ve got cauliflower, broccoli, beefsteak tomato, and white onions sprouting so far.

and thyme and basil in this one

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